At Forsyth Delancey, we offer a vast range of taxation services across all entity types. From compliance to advisory, we partner with our clients to fulfill their taxation and financial goals no matter what stage of their personal or corporate journey they are at.


Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing

We prepare and file personal and partnership income tax returns in an accurate and efficient manner. We handle all types of individual circumstances, from basic returns to ones with complex elements including financial investments, cryptocurrency and personal services income.

Tax Planning

Effective tax planning is crucial to minimise tax liabilities and maximise any potential returns. We offer strategic planning sessions to proactively increase taxation efficiencies through both current circumstances and potential future scenarios.

ATO Audit Representation

ATO audits can be both intimidating and challenge. We provide our clients with representation and guidance to navigate the audit process smoothly. We also communicate directly with the ATO on our client’s behalf and ensure that our clients rights are protected throughout the process.



We work alongside our clients to determine the optimal business structure to give them the best chance of achieving their corporate goals. This entity type, shareholding and board structure and registration with relevant authorities.

Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Our team prepares and submits the annual corporate tax return in compliance with Australian taxations law. Our team works with our clients to ensure accurate and timely submissions.

Corporate Tax Planning

Strategic tax planning is a crucial tool optimising business profitability and growth. Every decision made by a company has a tax implication. We work with our clients and their wider teams to develop a range of tax strategies, both short and long term, to align with their business goals.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

Managing GST can be complex and laborious, especially within small business and entities with diverse transactions. We offer a wholistic GST service including registration, preparation and submission of business activity statements (BAS), and real-time advisory on the GST impact of business transaction.

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Companies of all sizes need to have consideration of the impact of FBT on their business. We assist our clients navigate their FBT position, prepare and submit FBT returns, and collaborate to efficiently provide directors and co-workers with the benefits they deserve.

ATO Audit Representation and Dispute Resolution

Our team represent our clients throughout the entire ATO audit process to effectively and efficiently resolves any disputes. We put the interests of our clients first and aim to mitigate and any unnecessary exposure and work toward a favourable outcome.

International Taxation

In the modern world, managing international tax obligations is essential. We will provide pro-active advice on cross-border transactions and the subsequent taxation implications. We assist our clients in having an effective and agile global tax strategy and ensure our clients are compliant in all jurisdictions in which they operate.



At Forsyth Delancey, we will determine the right trust type and structure for our clients. We will collect relevant documentation and assist with promptly arranging for the establishment of a trust deed. From the outset, we work with our clients to ensure they are aware of their regulatory and taxation obligations devise a strategy to meet these.

Tax Planning

The unique structure of trusts allows for unique tax planning opportunities. Our team works with our trust clients to develop a tax efficient distribution strategy as well as planning for the taxation implications of any potential changes to the trust’s income structure.

Income Tax Return Preparation and Filing

Our team work with our clients to prepare and lodge the annual trust income tax return.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF)

A SMSF is a private superannuation fund, regulated by the ATO, that can be managed by individuals. SMSFs can have up to six members, all of whom are typically trustees of the fund. This structure allows for flexibility in terms of investment choices and tax planning. However, managing an SMSF requires strict adherence to legal and tax obligations. Our team assists with establishment of SMSFs as well as the ongoing compliance requirements.

Establishment of SMSF

We will assist in the preparation and execution of the trust deed, which essentially sets out the stipulates under which the trust will operate. We will register the fund the relevant authorities on behalf of our clients which includes obtaining an Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN).

Tax Compliance and Reporting

We will prepare and lodge the SMSF Annual Return which includes income tax, member contributions and other regulatory information.

Our team also works with an approved SMSF auditor to complete the mandatory annual audit of the fund.

Tax Planning and Advice

We work with our clients to achieve taxation efficiency of the SMSF within the legal framework. This includes guidance on the funds contribution strategies as well managing the funds potential Capital Gains Tax Liabilities.